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Meet our network of professionals

Hey Mate! Welcome to our team!

We bring together the smartest industry and subject matter experts into our teams and provide you with best-of class training.

Amalishiya Robert.png


Event Manager

Amalishiya Robert

Amalishiya is our event manager. She takes care of hosting the training. In case of any queries please reach out to her.

Wei Chen.png


ECCoSP Expert

Wei Chen

Wei has more than 15 years of experience in IT, mostly in the field of automotive and energy, and is very essential in the area of transmission system operators. He has successfully managed numerous projects and design of business and IT solutions. Wei is Lead Operations Architect at Associmates and comes with a bunch of hands on and real-life experiences. He leads the ECCoSP training.

Chavdar Ivanov.png



Chavdar Ivanov

Chavdar is an acknowledged expert in power system engineering. His 20 years international experience in the TSO business makes him a first-class and valuable partner at our side to lead the CIM/CGMES training.



Kubernetes Expert

Max Jonas Werner

Max has been working in the Kubernetes and cloud-native space for the last 4 years. He helped several startups build Kubernetes distributions, multi-cluster management solutions and GitOps-based continuous delivery products. He is one of the core maintainers of the Flux Open Source continuous deployment project and contributes to several other Open Source projects. Max has more than 15 years of experience in software development and is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator.

Maria Rodriguez.png


Event Coordinator

Maria Rodriguez

Maria is our event coordinator. She co-organizes the training. In case of any queries please reach out to her.

Tobias Berger.png


ECCoSP Expert

Tobias Berger

Tobias is a principal digital architect at Associmates, with extensive knowledge and experience across digital architecture, strategy,  security, infrastructure, software and organisational design. He has more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector and most essential among transmission system operators of pan-European scale at ENTSO-E. He has significantly contributed to the OPDE Platform architecture including ECCoSP product. He supports ECCoSP and CGMES trainings.

Said Cosic.png


CGMES Expert

Said Cosic

Said is an expert in power system analysis with data exchange/CGMES expertise. He will coordinate the CIM/CGMES training with Chavdar Ivanov.

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