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Become a practitioner with all-around skills at securely and reliably maintaining Kubernetes clusters and deploying workloads

3 days | Hamburg or on-site

The training is limited to 10 participants per session. Secure your place by registering today.



3 days from 09:00 – 17:00


CS Business Center

Am Kaiserkai 69



2.899 € exclusive of VAT

About the training

Kubernetes is on the rise to become the de-facto standard for deploying and orchestrating workloads in the cloud or on-premise data centers. Applications are built with containerization in mind and vendors increasingly provide Helm charts to deploy them. Administering Kubernetes clusters or managing applications on Kubernetes requires knowledge of both, the inner workings of the platform as well as efficient cluster interaction. 

What you can expect

This training provides application managers and IT operations staff with the understanding necessary to contextualize decisions around Kubernetes workload management.


Introduction to containerization, technical foundations, Docker, OCI standards (Open Container Initiative) and other container technologies.

Kubernetes principles

How to interact with a Kubernetes cluster through its REST API and introduction into declarative configuration; Kubernetes manifest files and the YAML/JSON data format.

Supply-chain security 

Software Bill of Materials, image scanning, vulnerability management, attestations, SLSA (Supply-chain Levels for  Software Artifacts). 

Kubernetes internals 

 Walk through the components that a cluster is comprised of: The control plane, worker nodes, kubelet, scheduler, networking etc. 

Application development 

 How to structure and develop applications targeted to be run in Kubernetes. Microservice architectures, twelve-factor apps, security considerations. 

Application packaging with Helm 

Hands-on tutorial on deploying and configuring a containerized application with the Helm package manager. Details on how to publish Helm charts at a Helm registry. 


 Demo and hands-on tutorial on the various ways a deployment can go wrong and how to properly bring it back to a functional state. 

Cluster security 

Access control, OIDC (OpenID Connect), traffic encryption, encryption at rest, multi-tenancy/workload isolation. 


How to govern and police network traffic within a cluster and between a cluster and the outside world; Network policies, Ingress, routing, policy frameworks. 

Meet the Team

We are the team behind this Kubernetes training. We look forward to some educational and fun training days with you.

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What else?

In addition to a well-founded education, the training also offers a very special ambience in the heart of Hamburg. More information can be found below.

Any questions?

We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

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