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Power system modelling and data exchanges

2 days | Hamburg or on-site

The training is limited to 20 participants. Secure your place by registering today.



2 days from 09:00 – 17:00


GINN Hotel Elbspeicher

Große Elbstraße 39,
22767 Hamburg


1.899 € exclusive of VAT

About the training

As the power system evolves, efforts towards digitalisation in power system analysis and modeling necessitate the ability to model new technologies and exchange data between systems. IEC Common Information Model (CIM) standards as well as IEC Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) play a pivotal role in these data/model exchanges. This training delivers proficiency in CIM and CGMES, including introduction to the standards, representation of power system models, data/model validation, fundamentals of SHACL and utilisation of SHACL-based constraints. 

What you can expect

The training introduces CIM and CGMES and their relation to power system modeling and exchanges. By the end of the program, participants will be able to use these standards and achieve interoperability in networks. The program also covers SHACL constraint and model validation. Please find below more detailed information of the program points.

IEC Common Information Model (CIM) Standards

This section of the training covers the history and application of IEC CIM standards, including the canonical CIM model, CIM profiles, metadata and data interchange languages, and standardization processes, with a focus on successful and unsuccessful use cases in the electrical industry.

Combining models and the European Common Grid Models (CGM)

This section discusses boundary models, IGM and CGM, reference data, the model assembly/merge process, and difference models and their use.

SHACL Constraints

This section includes SHACL basics, simple and SPARQL-based constraints, and model validation using ValiMate, along with practical exercises on SHACL constraints.

Representing power system models in CIM

This section begins with an introduction to UML, Classes, XML, RDF, and continues with a review of main power system elements and how they are modeled in CIM, and exercises on orienting in XML structures and connectivity of the model.

Validating models and their interoperability

This section provides an understanding the conformity process and interoperability testing, sources of rules and constraints, model validation with SUV and ValiMate.

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What else?

In addition to a well-founded education, the training also offers a very special ambience in the heart of Hamburg. More information can be found below.

Meet the Team

We are the team behind CIM/CGMES/SHACL training. We look forward to an educational and fun training days with you.

Any questions?

We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

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