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Enabling excellence

Bridging the knowledge gap and empowering the critical infrastructure community


3 days | Hamburg or on-site

The ECCoSP training program is a comprehensive, hands-on course that covers the ECP Client and EDX toolbox. Our expert trainers will guide you through the entire process, from installation and configuration to logging and monitoring, as well as standard testing and troubleshooting scenarios.


2 days | Hamburg or on-site

The CGMES training program aims to participants with expert-level knowledge of the CIM and CGMES. Our experienced trainers use practical approaches to ensure that participants can apply their newly acquired knowledge in real-world situations.


3 days | Hamburg or on-site

The Kubernetes training program covers all aspects of running Kubernetes clusters in production and configuring workloads in a secure and reliable manner. Aspects covered range from setting up clusters, configuring networking and ingress, securing access, multi-tenancy to securing the supply chain of workloads running on Kubernetes.

About AcadiMate

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the importance of critical infrastructure cannot be overstated. From power grids and transportation systems to telecommunications and water supplies, critical infrastructure plays a vital role in our daily lives. Digital solutions for the provisioning and operation of this infrastructure become essential. And so does the knowledge about them.

We believe that the understanding and mastering of digital solutions is a key enabler in efficient and secure operation of critical infrastructure. Our mission is to guide our community towards an ideal future where existing knowledge level meets the industry trends and standards.

Meet the Team

We are the organizing team behind AcadiMate. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our training courses.

Please click here to check out the entire team behind AcadiMate.

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Event Manager

Amalishiya Robert

Amalishiya is our event manager. She takes care of hosting the training. In case of any queries please reach out to her.

Maria Rodriguez.png

Event Coordinator

Maria Rodriguez

Maria is our event coordinator. She co-organizes the training. In case of any queries please reach out to her.

Any questions?

We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

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